The Algorithm Surfboard System helps you pick the right board for the right conditions. No scrolling through pages of board models guessing, we made it simple by optimizing every surfboard to get the most out of the wave size it was built for. We like to call it Shredcraft Technology.

Algorithm Surfboard Models

Algorithm Back-up Surfboard


Small mushy waves

Algorithm Pixel Pusher surfboard

Pixel Pusher

Small bowl waves

Algorithm Optimizer surfboard


Small – Average waves

Algorithm HD Surfboard


Performance waves


Powerful hollow waves

Ben Gravy's Signature Surfboard Models

For The Dream!!! Join the Gravy Navy and Ride the same hard surfboards that everyone’s favorite Semi-Pro is Riding when the waves get too gnarly for the softies.

Ben Gravy Algorithm Barrel Cuda

Ben Gravy
Barrel Cuda

For The Dream!

ben gravy algorithm surfboard the menace

Ben Gravy
The Menace

Novelty Time!

Ben Gravy Algorithm Semi Pro Surfboard

Ben Gravy
Semi Pro

Fully Nuking!

Algorithm Surfboards Manufacturing

Brian Brown

Shaper + Designer + Owner

Brian lets his shaping do the talking and has worked closely with the likes of Clay Marzo, Dion Agius, Carlos Munoz, Brett Barley, Ben Gravy, and other top pros to refine their surfboards down to the most minute details. Influenced by the likes of Al Merrick, Jeff Bushman, Matt Biolos, and Tom Eberly, Brown is a true craftsman and can design and create anything from a fish to a rhino chaser and anything in between.

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