Ben Gravy's Signature Surfboard Models

For The Dream!!! Join the Gravy Navy and Ride the same hard surfboards that everyone’s favorite Semi-Pro is Riding when the waves get too gnarly for the softies.
Ben Developed this line of surfboards with Algorithm Master Shaper Brian Brown to expand on his quiver and get even more stoked.

Ben Gravy Algorithm Barrel Cuda

Ben Gravy
Barrel Cuda

For The Dream!

ben gravy algorithm surfboard the menace

Ben Gravy
The Menace

Novelty Time!

Ben Gravy Algorithm Semi Pro Surfboard

Ben Gravy
Semi Pro

Fully Nuking!

Algorithm Surfboards Manufacturing
Ben Gravy Algorithm Barrel Cuda Surfboard Model

Ben Gravy Barrel Cuda Surfboard


Ben Gravy Barrel Cuda Surfboard

This high speed fish features a subtle single to double concave with vee running off a slightly deep wide swallow tail. That means it planes across flat faced, mediocre surf with ease as well as holding in steep beach break barrels. The Quad fin cluster increases hold and responsiveness in rounder waves, but allows for steady drive while dropping in on a vertical face. Be ready to get where you want to go on the face of a wave with a relatively flat deck blending into a full round rail. The Barrel Cuda is customized for Ben’s style of surfing that allows him to seamlessly transfer from his go to softtop to his favorite hardboard.

Ben Gravy Algorithm Surfboard Semi-Pro Model

Ben Gravy Semi Pro Surfboard


This super fast, forgiving, user friendly Stubby Shortboard features an overall low rocker and medium single into a deep double concave with a slight vee in the last few inches of the tail for both speed and control. A board that works for the average Joe as well as it works for the best surfer in the lineup, this is the perfect East Coast shortboard for anything from 2ft to 10ft. The Tri/Quad fin option makes it more versatile for someone wanting a shortboard feel that dominates in all conditions.

Ben Gravy The Menace Model Surfboards by Algorithm

Ben Gravy The Menace Surfboard


The outline of this Mid Length has the wide point behind center for maneuverability, This focuses the curve between your feet and into the back third of the board where you turn from. The rounded squash tail creates a very smooth turning radius for a longer board.