Algorithm BackUp Surfboard


The Backup – The ultimate hack for when the waves are behaving like a glitchy system error.
 Now, this ain’t your average ride. It’s designed for everyone, from the young rippers to the seasoned old heads who’ve been in the game for years.

Here’s the secret code: An overall wide outline, a nose and tail that mean business, and a rounded diamond tail that’s as sharp as a 4K screen.
 But here’s where the real magic happens – a single to subtle double concave with vee off the tail. It’s the formula for success in the face of adversity, giving you the edge when the waves are playing hard to get. This board isn’t just a great groveler it’s a statement.

So, when the waves are trying to mess with your flow, grab this board. It’s not about the perfect conditions; it’s about the perfect board for the conditions.


  • Full Deck + Full Round Rails = Extra volume for paddling and flotation
  • Lower Overall Rocker = Early entry and overall speed
  • Subtle Single to Double Concave Bottom = Increased speed and maneuverability
  • 5-Fin Setup = Versatility for multiple fin configurations
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5’2 X 19.75 X 2.38 = 27.5L, 5’4 X 20.00 X 2.50 = 30L, 5’5 X 20.13 X 2.54 = 31L, 5’6 X 20.25 X 2.57 = 32L, 5’8 X 20.50 X 2.64 = 34.5L, 5’9 X 20.64 X 2.68 = 35.5L, 5’10 X 20.75 X 2.68 = 36.5L, 5’11 X 20.88 X 2.75 = 38L, 6’0 X 21 X 2.75 = 39L, 6’1 X 21.13 X 2.88 = 41.5L, 6’2 X 21.25 X 2.88 = 42.5L, 6’3 X 21.50 X 3.00 = 45.5L, 6’4 X 21.75 X 3.07 = 47.5L

Fin System

FCSII, Future